About Me

My name is Gaz Quaggan (well okay….my 1st name’s actually ‘Gary’…..but the surname bit is for real)  and I’ve been writing (of a fashion…..and yes I do so love the unnecessary regular use of brackets) what I laughably call ‘Pantsrantians’ for…..oh, the best part of two years now.  Anyhow to cut a long story short (and boy, do I like long stories ((as you’ll discover to your cost))….as well as brackets) these are humorous rants about everyday stuff that to be frank (although that’s not my real name either) are complete pants. Therefore in my wisdom (arguable) I’ve collectively entitled these under the ‘Pantsrantians’ name and if you look this word up in the Oxford (or any other academic English City that has a ‘story-less’ book named after it) Dictionary, you won’t see (as it’s not an entry) that it means ‘complete nonsensical codswallop’.

Well taht’s (‘that’s) it really.

Gaz Quaggan