Welcome to the world of GazQuaggan.com…..the home of ‘But Not Big To Dinosaurs’…arguably the best book never! 


Yup, GazQuaggan.com is a kinda showcase for my (that’s the Gaz Quaggan bit) first ever published book (that’s the ‘But Not Big To Dinosaurs’ bit) and as such provides a good stable home for my ‘Pantsrantians’…..which are rants that are pants!  But don’t just take my word for it…..go and check out ‘But Not Big To Dinosaurs’ as it’s where you’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted but never needed, and which is so full to the brim with Pantsrantians….you’ll need to stitch your sides back together after just the briefest of exposure!

‘But Not Big To Dinosaurs’ – a compilation of hilariously funny short stories about life and shit that are rude, lewd and just a tad crude.


“I don’t like to think before I speak…..I like to be just as surprised as everyone else by what complete shite comes out of my mouth!”  @GazQuaggan

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