Signs of the times….!

Those crazy Ramsey Town Commissioners have climbed to a whole new level of craziness with their totally bonkers signage policy! I mean who the friggin hell are they benchmarking these ‘how-long-to-reach’ times against eh?? Usain Bolt, a well-fit and handsome young-middle aged bloke (like me)…..or an asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping?? It’s all complete Bollox if you ask me…..and I’ll tell you what……I could friggin well reach those toilets in 15 seconds flat if I had the squits💩…..and that’s a fact! 🤣🤪

                                    ‘But Not Big To Dinosaurs’


The hilariously-hilarious book that’ll make you wet yourself so much….. if Moses was around today….he’d have taken two copies of ‘BNBTD’ into the Ark with him.  

Or was that the other bloke with the beard…..?🤣🤣

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