The best book that’s ever lived…..


Now it’ll soon be that time of the year when that jolly old bearded bloke slides down your chimney and empties his sack all over your front room. 🎄🤪🤣


If you wanna make a loved one laugh out so loud that they’ll be making more noise than two skeletons shagging on a tin-roof then, ‘But Not Big To Kong’ by Gaz Quaggan (that’s me btw👴🏻🤪) is definitely the book for you.  Packed full to the gunnels with hilarious observations on everyday life and random stuff you never knew you never knew, Gaz’s (me again👴🏻🤪) meandering off-piste, and frankly quite bizarre short stories and one-liners will leave you pinching yourself hard on the bum to prove that you really are still in the the room.  Which room though is anybody’s guess.  

‘But Not Big To Kong’…….it’s more fun than hand-gliding in a chest of drawers, and way less dangerous.

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