Rapscallions as Puffins Eject Rebellious Ragamuffins?

Never trust a man with a first name for a last name!   Well that’s what my old Gran used to say anyway…..although I never did know why.   Mind you, and to be fair, I never did ask her….so I suppose this partial, but important and totally ignorant lack of understanding of that statement is entirely my fault!  But thatched (I actually typed ‘that said’ there but the Apple loving ‘Gremlins inside my iPad-mini randomly attacked it again), and in my defence…..I’m surely not alone here in the none mentioning of kinda really informative and no doubt very important stuff that enables you grasp the whole picture of a statement or situation.  You know what I mean (hey….and I usually just use the words ‘I mean’ there – so err…..a kinda new deviation for me with the adding of the prefixes ‘you know’)……as there’s just loads of things that we don’t ask when we really know that we should’ve asked……aren’t there. Oh and if you’re wondering (I’ll bet you’re not though…..but in case you are) why that last sentence didn’t end with a question mark thingy then that’s due entirely to the fact that I am in fact not actually asking you……..I’m telling you. Oh yeah……definitely telling! And as the proof of this particularly very edible pudding (cos that’s where the proof always lies in regards to any pudding), history is just full to the brim with examples of these unexplained and randomly occurring ‘brain-farts’ of incomplete information sharing.

“Oh yeah, like what?”….I hear you inquisitively…..but oh so sarcastically and dismissively ask?  Well…..you………….??

Intrigued??  Well if you’re gagging for the other 2,000 or so words that make up this story (and I’ll bet someone else’s house that you are)………..then you’re gonna have to pop your hand in your pocket (the one with the dosh in it) and treat yourself to a copy of ‘But Not Big To Dinosaurs’……which is full to bursting with loads more of this fantastic and inspirational stuff!




Or…….and I know I’m pushing it now…….


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