Frocks, Clocks, and Mr Spock’s Socks?


And there’s a thing……what the friggin hell’s going on over at the Boston Red Socks….eh? Oh, and before I go on to vent my spleen (and I will) about a complete pile of shite (it will be)…….I must just very quickly (it won’t be) apologize as I’ve just spotted my deliberate mistake as it should be the Red ‘Sox’!

Now when I said deliberate – I’m actually not meaning to criticize or scold a delicatessen (you might need to briefly deconstruct the word ‘deliberate’ there…..or maybe not) but I just had to reflect on the crazy and frankly meaningless misspelling of the word for gloves we wear on our feet. Well okay – maybe not gloves as they’ve got fingers and socks haven’t – and nor have Six (see even my spell check don’t rate this pooh as I meant ‘Sox’) so I actually should’ve referred to ‘mitts we wear on our feet’ as mittens (same as mitts just longer) don’t have fingers… Sox…..socks…err?? And so, and yes….its hands-up time… I actually did misspell this apparent, but not, Boston footwear on purpose to highlight its total and complete pointless (yup they’re not very good) stupidity!

I mean how freaking ridiculous is that……naming a……….??

Intrigued??  Well if you’re gagging for the other 2,000 or so words that make up this story (and I’ll bet someone else’s house that you are)………..then you’re gonna have to pop your hand in your pocket (the one with the dosh in it) and treat yourself to a copy of ‘But Not Big To Dinosaurs’……which is full to bursting with loads more of this fantastic and inspirational stuff!


Or…….and I know I’m pushing it now…….

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