Hat’s Sushi Delight Forge Roof Tiles For Spite?

So………is Glass good or bad? Now before you hover (not really as remember…..you’re a person and can’t fly….well not unaided) your trigger finger (again not really – as it’s just a digit and not a gun) over the ‘Delete’ button – this might not actually be such the incredibly ridiculous question and/or statement as you might initially think. So please bear (no you’re not really – you’re a person remember….and probably don’t have big paws) with me and I’ll either attempt to explain….or go off on one, which if I’m entirely honest, at this moment in time – I’m not really sure as to which way this will go!! Mind you, I’d put my house on it being the latter…..but then again when you analyse that thought process through a little bit…..you’ll realize that my home aint in danger as it’s just me typing this shite and therefore can decide which way it goes as my brain and finger engage. So, yeah it’s the latter, but then again also the former as I’m gonna eventually go on to explain the random question that opened this pap. Oh and yes…..I still get to keep my…………..??

Intrigued??  Well if you’re gagging for the other 2,000 or so words that make up this story (and I’ll bet someone else’s house that you are)………..then you’re gonna have to pop your hand in your pocket (the one with the dosh in it) and treat yourself to a copy of ‘But Not Big To Dinosaurs’……which is full to bursting with loads more of this fantastic and inspirational stuff!




Or…….and I know I’m pushing it now…….



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