Spontaneous Sweets Seek Serendipitous Streets?

Ever wondered why two odd numbers always add up to an even number and yet two even numbers never ever add up to an odd one?

No, well tough luck as I do…..and even worse….maybe they do!!

Now you might think at this precise moment in time (although not at the very same moment in time mind you, as I’m typing this now and you’re reading this at a later date) that there’s no way (or ‘know weigh’ if your either a) illiterate and fluent in ‘Pidgin English’, or b) a psychic who can foretell how heavy people are…..err?) that two even numbers can ever add up to an odd one. Well no, and the totally stupendous news for you (and better than you discovering that you can piss pink champagne) is that I’m gonna thrust open the “stuff is what stuff is and that’s that” curtains that are drawn across your mind and…………….

Intrigued??  Well if you’re gagging for the other 2,000 or so words that make up this story (and I’ll bet someone else’s house that you are)………..then you’re gonna have to pop your hand in your pocket (the one with the dosh in it) and treat yourself to a copy of ‘But Not Big To Dinosaurs’……which is full to bursting with loads more of this fantastic and inspirational stuff!




Or…….and I know I’m pushing it now…….


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